The world's fastest car cover
   sun-shades your car in seconds

Simple to Use
Hold the 'hands'
Throw the 'jet' SoftPaks

SilverTech Heat & UV
reflectors keeps your car
the COOLEST inside!

Safe & Secure
Close the door
SoftPak locks inside

RETAIL(MSRP) = $79.95     Special Web Price $39.95


Say goodbye to oven-like temperatures, frost and prying eyes.
Slam the door.
SMARTCOVER is locked, deterring theft to your car.
Remove it, ready for its next flight in seconds.

SMARTCOVER is the coolest, smartest, fastest flying car shade - ever.

"I love my SmartCover, but I really want to be angry with you. I have used several car covers over the years. They end up stuffed in the garage or thrown away. Once, I asked my wife to cut the car cover around the beltline of the car so that we could use it without all the trouble. I even imagined sewing the edges and then marketing it. But, you beat me to it. I didn’t think about the flight plan or the flight instructions, but that is a neat idea. I have used the cover everyday since it arrived. Good job. But I still want to be angry with you..." Glenn, North Carolina

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Through special arrangements, we have obtained a brand-new, limited supply of the incredible, revolutionary SmartCover car sun cover that has taken the country by storm. When introduced on Home Shopping Network, over 1000 sold in the first seven minutes. It is the only car sun shade cover that gets rave reviews from its users and was featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News business section. This smart car cover is so "smart" it was issued a patent number. It is the only car cover easy enough to use every day. Reserve your car sun shade parking spot wherever you leave your car... for minutes at the store, hours at work, or days at the airport! Is it a gimmick? No. It's even faster than a windshield sun shade. SmartCover is the best car sun protector available.

SmartCover is top of the line quality. SmartCover is manufactured by one of the world's largest car cover manufacturers from its finest car sun shades material - SilverTech. The 3 layer SilverTech is used only on the most expensive car covers. Period. Don't be fooled by stiff, bulky, non-woven spun polyproplene "diaper material" covers, no matter how pretty their diagrams are. SilverTech is the only car sun shades material custom woven by a car cover manufacturer, then silverized like a space-blanket, coated with expensive urethane, then a final treatment of Pan Guard is applied.

The result is the perfect "10" of car sun cover materials: an incredibly smooth and supple material that is light weight for ease of handling, pampers your car, has unparralled durability and longevity, and a UV and Infrared reflectivity that blows the competition away - the best car sun shade available - bar none. It's impervious to moisture, shedding rain, snow and ice like a shaking dog. It breathes and it keeps the car interior twice as cool as the competition.

The SmartCover car sun protector construction is of equal quality. Double-lock stitched seams, reinforced nickel plated brass grommets for hold down, removable suction cups (which I would personally suggest you permanently remove to post on the refrigerator) with chrome-plated key-ring pulls for easy de-suctioning, and a hefty velcro strap for instant self storage.

But the best is yet to come - the famous balistic 'Jet' soft-paks fly the SmartCover over your car in a flash! The "Warning - Do Not Blink" sign on the box is meant to be taken literally. These ingenious devices do all the work in ten seconds. Your car sun cover protects your car from UV and Infrared heat in just seconds. It is unbelievably easy to use.

The Jet-Paks are constructed of an outer layer of durable naugahyde sandwiched with a layer of polyethylene foam. The ends have an opening that is sealed with velcro. Inside, is a soft, flat polyethylene bottle containing an energy absorbing ballast. The bottles can be removed so the cover can be machine washed. The bare bottle is designed so it can be thrown against a car with no damage to the bottle or the car. The outer layers are designed to "pamper" the car and deaden the sound of the impact.

The Jet-Paks are smart too. They are color coded - "Red to the Right to the Rear." You just hold the 'Hands' and throw the 'Jets' and Viola, your car is covered. But the Jet-Paks still have work to do. When you close the door with a Jet-pak inside, it locks the cover to your car! When it's time to go, the flat Jet-paks stack neatly in one hand so you can wind the cover around them for instant compact storage, held tight with the sturdy velcro strap. The Jet-Paks even rest in perfect order for the next use. Enjoy!


How does the SmartCover car sun cover keep out heat?
Most people don't know that the steering wheel, seats, and dash can easily get to 185� to 195� Fahrenheit. The Sun Shade SilverTech polyester fabric has a silver-polyurethane coating like a space blanket that reflects out the heat.
What keeps someone from stealing SmartCover?
That's a great thing about SmartCover. You just slam the door and it locks to your car. It even makes it hard to steal. One of the 'Hands' or 'Jets' is locked in the door, and is impossible to pull out. It makes it very hard to even peek in the windows.
Will the weights damage my car?
Not at all. SmartCover is a car sun protector. The hands and jets are carefully engineered to absorb energy. A flat low-density polyethylene container is filled with soft ballast. This is surrounded with polyethylene foam, then inserted into a vinyl pouch. The ballast is removable for washing.
What material is the SmartCover made of? Is it water repellant?
SmartCover is made of top-quality 3 layer composite of woven UV resistant polyester, a layer of microscopic metallic particles and a polyurethane coating. Then it's treated with Pan guard for unmatched water repellancy.
How do I wash SmartCover?

Give the cover a few good shakes each time you take it off. You may hose the cover off right on your car, then hang it on a fence to dry.
Can I use my washing machine to clean SmartCover?
Remove the ballast from the pouches. Wash on a gentle cycle with soap only. Detergent will remove the special water-resistant coatings on the fabric.
What stops SmartCover car sun protector from blowing away?
There are suction cups, which give extra hold. In heavy winds, close the cover in both front doors, or even in all four doors.
When is the best time to use SmartCover car shade cover?
If you are parking for a short time, just throw it on and slam the door. If you are parking all day, then you might take more time to use the suction cups and two doors. Remember, it is easier than a windshield sun shade.
Is it really that easy to use?
The hands and jets are color-coded - Just remember the three Rs, "Red to the Right to the Rear." A simple toss over the top of the car gets the smart car cover over the car in a flash. Then, the weight of the two 'Jet' soft-paks on the far side pull tight like an invisible helper, while you slide the two 'Hand' soft-paks instantly into perfect position.
Is it easy to store?
Yes. The soft-paks can be held with one hand. Then the smart car cover is wound around the soft-paks. A handy velcro strap holds it tight.
What size cars does the SmartCover auto sun cover fit?
SmartCover fits full-size-to-compact sedans, sports cars, small-mid pickups, miniSUVs up to RAV4 size. Sorry, not recommended for large SUVs. It also fits many boat and light single and twin airplane cockpits, and it is very handy to cover almost anything, like patio furniture, a tent or picnic table. SmartCover is easy to use partly because its compact size is designed to protect the most important part of your car, the interior. IT DOES NOT COVER THE WHOLE CAR. Whole car covers are bulky and inconvenient to manage, and invariably end up in the back of the garage.

How can I know for sure it will fit my car?
The exact dimensions are 124" from front to back and 87" from side to side. As long as the distance from the bottom of the windshield to the bottom of the back window is less than 124" and the distance from the bottom of the left window to the bottom of the right window is less than 87" it will fit. If the cover is too big, no problem. As explained in the manual, most people let the back of the cover drift into the hinge area of the open trunk, securing the back of the cover. Small sports cars work fine also by putting both the front and rear weights in the doors creating a bonnet effect. Many pickup truck drivers turn the cover 90 degrees. If the dimensions of your vehicle is a few inches bigger it will still fit well and give the desired results.
Who needs the SmartCover car sun protector, and why is it better than a windshield sun shade?
Anyone who has ever suffered with heat, fumbled with a sunshade, worried about prying eyes, or parked under a tree.
What if I want to read more?
Included is a fun and informative Flight Manual in English and Español. Click to see larger images of sample pages.



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Fits full-size-to-compact sedans, sports cars, small-mid pickups, and mini-SUVs. 
Sorry, NOT RECOMMENDED for large SUVs

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